Tallyway is a financial management tool that enables users to manage subscriptions and receive notifications when a bill is due. users can monitor subscriptions and cancel unwanted subscriptions.


Understand the problem

people subscribe to a bunch of things and without tracking their expenses doesn’t realise that they are wasting their money with things they are no longer in need of.


Product vision and solution

  • we want users to view a list of all their subscriptions
  • we want users to realise what they are spending their money on
  • we want to help and make it easy on users that are looking to cut back on expenses.

Defining the MVP

  • list of subscriptions users can view a list of total subscriptions
  • categories- users can sort each subscription in total- example. entertainment, health,production etc..
  • cancel subscriptions- users can cancel unwanted subscriptions
  • pay subscriptions- users can pay subscriptions with a click of a button








In order for the engineers to begin on the architecture, I mocked up the main screens for the MVP based on
sketches created by me and the team

  • Sign up
  • Main screen
  • Cancel subscription modal




Sign up

simple clean design with information so users can sign up to test the product.


Main screen

clean design with proper visual hierarchy so the user is not overwhelmed with the information. Easy pay and a due date dashboard.


Cancel Subscription (modal)

model with proper visual hierarchy so the user doesn’t accidentally cancel a subscription.


You can view the prototype I made in figma using this link: https://www.figma.com/proto/3ZlgjSCVM2Ilfw85A9K6pw/Untitled?node-id=0%3A3&scaling=scale-down