Web Design Cape Town | UX Strategist & Designer

About Me

My name is Uthmaan, I am a Web Designer based in Cape Town with a focus in UX Strategy and UX Design that works with individuals that has an idea to help make peoples lives easier using digital technology. With proper user research I can develop a strategy behind your idea.

I have over 5 years experience in graphic and web design with a core focus in web design and user experience.

I decided to start Tentacleman as a way to do something I love without having my mind and soul abused by the corporate world.

My Clients

I work for all types of clients, from major corporates to small individual startups. I work closely with all my clients and add value to my clients needs using UX strategy.

I consider the client’s best interests at all times and do my best to give the clients the best possible results with my research.

My Vision

The vision at tentacleman is working with people that has an idea to make life easier using digital technology.

My mission is to develop a strategy behind your idea that merges business and design.

My Work

My core focus is web design with user experience so every client will get a complete different strategy based on their brand and idea.

With knowledge why your company exists or where the idea for the product/service started, I will have to research your target market and your direct and indirect competitors and come up with a strategy to get the most out of your idea and eliminate unnecessary features that doesn’t contribute to further your goals.