What is UX Strategy and how will it help you?

UX Strategy

As a user experience strategist I’ve come across a lot of people confusing UX Strategy with UX Design.  First of all what is User Experience (or UX)? User experience is how a person (or user) feels when interacting with a digital product, whether it is a website, web application or desktop software. It is generally associated with human-computer interaction (HCI).


User Experience Strategy lies in the middle of UX Design and Business Strategy.  It’s a plan of action on how to find out for certain that the user experience of a product is aligned with the business’s objectives (does the business want to get more customers, are they trying to make more money, are they trying to scale out more products etc…).

By identifying your business Strategy, what value you add to your product or service, validating your intended target and using UX design.  That is what makes up UX Strategy.


How does UX Strategy help your product or service?

Starting off with the business model you need to focus on 2 components, which is cost leadership (if it’s a cheaper product than your competitors) and differentiation (how different is your product from your competitors). That lets you know if you are on the right track.

For a business to generate wealth, it needs to offer a superior product to that of its competitors but at a manufacturing cost below what customers pay for it. If a business model is supposed to help a company achieve sustainability, how can you do that when the online marketplace is overrun with free products? You have to figure what value you add in your product that is different to your competitors and helps the experience with the user .

When you have that 2 done you have to do research to find out if you are targeting to the right market. By doing that you have to do proper user research.

And finally when you did your research on your target markets needs and your direct competitors you can then implement UX design to make sure you have a complete product.


At a later stage I will go into each step in more detail.