Life Progress




Life Progress

Life Progress is a health guide and meal plan app for your caloric needs. This meal guide mobile app provides it’s users their caloric consumption
needs to help the user achieve their goals, by selecting meals that gives them nutrients and is low calorie dense through a meal window.


Understand the problem

individuals don’t know where to begin with how their daily diet should look like and it can be quite difficult process to start.


Product vision and solution

  • we want users to understand the impact of food they are consuming
  • we want users to take action and eat healthier
  • we want users to understand that their actions determines their lifestyle


Defining the MVP

  • Set goals– Users can define their weight goals
  • Receive meal plans– users will receive a list of meals that they can consume
  • Alter the plan – users can alter the plan to suit their preference
  • Earn Rewards– Users are rewarded for their efforts they have done

wall ux

In order for the engineers to begin on the architecture, I mocked up the main screens for the MVP based on sketches created by me and the team.

  • get started
  • register
  • profile
  • select a goal
  • eating plan
  • progress dashboard
  • rewards page



get started

simple design to get users more familiar with the brand



users would fill in a sign up page to create an account



users would need to fill in their body details to set up their profile


select a goal

users would need to select a goal they would want to achieve


eating plan

users can view their meals for the day and they can choose and replace selected meals


progress dashboard

users can see track their progress so far till they reach their goal


rewards page

to encourage users they can get rewarded for step forward to reaching their goal


You can view the prototype I made in figma using this link: